As a trained carpenter my love for wood is quite natural. As a drummer i was never quite happy with my snaresound i got out of a standard product. This was the ignition to start my own first build of a snare drum.

After a couple of drummers tried out my first instrument, the feedback was quite positive.
So after a couple of years of testing, i started building drums for other drummers in 2014.

The solid stave construction is the heart and soul of our instruments. Every drumshell is entirely handmade and rounded to a perfect cylinder. Building in a classic stave construction gives you all the benefits of a natural resonating drumshell. Made from a solid piece of wood.

What kind of wood i use:
All woods used are handpicked and locally sourced in Switzerland. This guarantees a vast variety  of tonewoods which are 100% environmentally friendly. We have a couple of rare species, such as pear, apple, plum and different kinds of cherry and walnut. We use woods such as maple, beech and oak, but there is a lot more to see and hear!

We have a catalog of different standard models and specials, besides a custom corner offer. Each featured model has its own voice. All our drums come with a ten year warranty. We are very transparent about our product. This is why you can track each wood the drum is made of, with the GPS data inside the drumshell. We call this “Track your Tree“.

Christoph Anlauf

Track your Tree

With " Track your Tree" you have the unique oppurtunity to track de wood from your snare drum or your drum set.

It is quite simple, the drum you purchased has badge inside the shell. On this little badge ( photo beneath ) there is a space called GPS, beside is a number. Type this exact number in the search space of Google Maps.
This will bring you to the actaul place where your tree was located.

You will get directly to Google Maps via this link. Google Maps have Fun searching :-)

You can also follow the videolink and see how it is done. Video



Middle Hardness




Surcharge on Request


Middle Hardness



Middle Hardness
Surcharge on Request



Middle Hardness
Surcharge on Request


Middle Hardness


Surcharge on Request




    Basicprices Snaredrum

  • Diameter 14 Inch

  • Depth 5 - 6.5  Inch

  • Wood , Beech, Maple, Oak ( Swiss Wood )

  • Triple Flanged Hoops Chrom

  • Stair Lug Made in Switzerland

  • Trick Throw off Single

  • Remo Ambassador / Hazy Snare Side

  • Finish Natural Satin Oil

  • Canopus / Sabian Wires

  • Price  $ 950.00 incl. Vat.



    Basicprices Drumset 3 Piece Example 20 /12 / 14

  • Diameter 10 - 16 Inch Toms/ Floor Toms

  • Diameter Bassdrums 16 - 22 Inch

  • Wood , Beech , Maple , Oak ( Swiss Wood)

  • Triple Flanged Hoops Chrom

  • Stair Lug Made in Switzerland

  •  Drumheads as you Wish

  • Finish Natural Satin Oil

  • Basicprice with 18 Inch Bassdrum Price $ 3600.00 incl. Vat.

  • Basicprice with 20 Inch Bassdrum Price $ 3800.00 incl. Vat.

  • Basicprice with 22 Inch Bassdrum Price $ 3900.00 incl. Vat.

  • Bassdrums with Sizes 24 / 26 Inch on Request

  • Single Component Prices Toms

  • 8 Zoll    CHF 600.00

  • 10 Zoll  CHF 700.00

  • 12 Zoll  CHF 750.00

  • 13 Zoll  CHF 800.00

  • 14 Zoll  CHF 900.00

  • Single Component Prices Floor Toms

  • 14 Zoll Floor CHF  950.00

  • 16 Zoll Floor CHF 1100.00

  • 18 Zoll Floor CHF 1250.00

  • Single Component Prices Bassdrums

  • 16 Zoll Bassdrum CHF 1450.00

  • 18 Zoll Bassdrum CHF  1550.00

  • 20 Zoll Bassdrum CHF 1750.00

  • 22 Zoll Bassdrum CHF 1950.00


Stair Lug

Our own design Made in Switzerland.
Yoo can get this as a single version as well.




Triple Flanged Hoops

Standardhoop 2,3mm Steel



Throw Off


Chrom  Single Standard
3 Steps ( Multistep ) Surcharge
$ 20.00


Black  Single Standard
3 Steps ( Multistep ) Surcharge
$ 20.00




Finish Variations

  • Natural Satin Oil Finish Standard

  • Satin Laquer Surcharge Standard

  • Highgloss on request

  • Staining /  Colour on your Wish  Surcharge $ 40.00 each Drumshell 

  • Adding a second Colour $ 20.00



Inlays  Bassdrumhoop
Surcharge $ 100.00 Each Hoop


Inlay Work on Snaredrums /Toms
Surcharge $ 100.00 Each Drum

Inlay Bassdrum

Inlay Bassdrum
Surcharge $ 100.00 Each Drum



Custom Corner

Logo Engraving

Please send your data as a EPS or AI file if not possible please contact us we can handle that for you.
Maximumsize of drum being engraved is 14 Inch.
Surcharge $ 100.00 each Drum

Special Drumshells

We can make some really cool stuff with your shell. Please contact us for a special shell like seen on the picture.




  • Snare drums 8  - 16 Inch Diameter

  • Toms 6  - 18 Inches diameter / depth 3- 18 Inch

  • Bass drum 14 - 24 Zoll inches

  • Maximum depth at the moment is 18 Inch

Regular Infos

A normal production for a snaredrum ist about a month, depends on which type of wood and hardware.
Catalog models can be around two to six weeks depending on workload.

A drumset will take me about one to three months, depends on current workload.

My first goal is quality, i would rather spend more time producing then less.
So i can be sure, that the drum you order will be your friend for a lifetime.