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Switzerland may be more famous for its cheese, chocolate, mountains and watches, but there has also been a long tradition of making drums here. Traditional drum making in Switzerland started with ropedrums going back to the year of 1570. As a trained carpenter, my love for wood is quite natural. Combining my craft and being  a drummer  “Solid Drums“ was founded in 2014. Since then it was a magical journey working for such renowned drummers as Todd Sucherman (Styx) and Ray Luzier (Korn), along with a lot of local professionals  and amateurs based in Switzerland.

Founder and drum maker

All Woods come from a local Woodsupplier

All woods used are handpicked and locally sourced in Switzerland, this guarantees a vast variety of tonewoods . We have a couple of rare species, such as pear, apple, plum and different kinds of cherry and walnut. We use woods like maple and beech as a standard, but there is a lot more to see and hear.

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all used woods come from
indigenous forests

What Solid Drummers say

"A massive warm woodtone paired with a vintage look. "

" Simple, i love my Solid Drum "

Lukas Gasser

Lina Button , Othella Dallas

" Punchy and warm, combined with a firstclass design"

Roberto Carella

Nickless, Seat Music Session

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